100 Things To Do
# Things to do  Brenda's description
1 Attend at least one major sporting event. Marlins 1st game in their new Ballpark
2 Throw a huge party and invite everyone of your friends. (50th birthday Party Completed) Set a budget and choose a venue. Choose a date .
Decide on the type of party you're going to throw.
Send out invitations to family and friends.
Make and post a flier. Purchase any food, drinks and decorations needed.
Decorate the venue.
3 Attend The Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions - 2009 Melborne, Australia The Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions was created to cultivate harmony among the world's religious and spiritual communities and foster their engagement with the world and its guiding institutions in order to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world. 
4 Create a legacy. (Working on it.) Write A book. Raise a Child. Plant a Tree. Leave an inheritance. My Legacy will be those I've help go to the other side of hope                                                                                    
5 Have your portrait painted. (Completed) The painting will take two to three sittings. The first one is usually three to four hours, although much of that time is spent choosing clothes and accessories, arranging the pose and getting comfortable. The second and sometimes third sittings will be shorter, two to three hours
6 Document and write about a miracle you have experienced. (Completed) THE ANSWER - How to Give birht to your Trueself                            Chapter I - What is the end of her story or the beginning of my story?
7 Visit the smallest country in the world.(the Vatican Why? Because it meets eight accepted criteria used to determine whether an entity is an independent country) Be blessed by the Pope. Papal Blessings are a privilege. Many people wish to give this quite beautiful document certifying that the Holy Father has bestowed his apostolic blessing as a gift for an anniversary or birthday
8 Watch the launch of the space shuttle or rocket.   
9 You are called for a purpose, Document that purpose. (Completed) Brenda is able to assist those who are trapped in hard situations and are unable to see their way through a dream for future success, lost love, failing career etc. As a vision surrogate…Brenda has built a strong foundation with the right infrastructure…that will enables her to deliver her program to the masses.
10 Go to a foreing place/country that requires courage. QATAR Qatar is a sovereign Arab state, located in Western Asia, occupying the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeasterly coast of the much larger Arabian Peninsula. 
11 Tell someone the story of you life sparing no details. (Completed) Roadmap to Success: America top intellectual minds map out successful business strategies
12 Have a special loving relationship. (Completed Marcus & Brenda)  
13 Travel. (Went to all 7 continents, North America, South America, Africa, Australia, Asia, Antarctica, Europe) North America: 33 states. South America: Brazil & Argentina. Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbawe. Australia: Sydney & Melbourne. Asia: Honkkong, Israel. Antartica. Europe: England, France, Austria
14 Learn to swim. (NYC) You can never really know how to swim with the sharks until you learn special swimming techniques
15 Meet Whoopi Goldberg your favorite actress. (NYC) The reason I decided to met her is because she remained true to herself
16 Write your cookbook (pass on family recipes).  (Completed) " A great success"
17 Visit the land of your birth, Pompano Beach, FL This is the home I lived in before moving to N.J. at age 5 (1963)
18 Meet Oprah Winfrey…on her level. (President Obama's Home State - Inaugural Ball) Completed I met Oprah at President Obama's Home State (Chicago). Ingural Ball. We both were in the VIP scetion with about 100 ohers. It was not a sweet pleasure, Oprah was rude.
19 Go natural no more perms. Working on it.  
20 Unplanned Goals France: The Mona Lisa, Louvre, 16 Chapel, The Arc of Thriumph.London: Buckingham Palace, 1st Hard Rock Café, Harrods, Red Bottom Shoes
21 Experience a perfect day when the sun bows to the son….as then sun rise in the east the moon await the sun  high in the west skies before it settles for the night
22 Put your name down to be a passenger on the first tourist shuttle into space. (NYC)  
23 Send a message in a bottle. . I have a message to Hillary Clinton-
Lady President Hillary Clinton…. my name is Brenda L. Hill from Miami Florida. I am a mother, grandmother, businesswomen, author, speaker and life coach.I am not a Billionaire however, I overstand the power of Favor, and my political influence is the voice and power of my #1 vote. So with my voice and #1 vote I make this commitment to support you as President of the United States of America.  Lady President America is in a time convergence, when… America’s history meets its Future. Only you can birth this new beginning for America.
I stand here on the only continent in the world that has not known War…the ANTARCTICA. It is a place of Peace. Base on your time I stand in the future on your behalf and pray the you will rain as the 1st President of Peace…a women leading the world through Care! Just like God did.As you begin your presidency in the interest of the wider life you will have with Christ know that what ever sacrifice you may here after be required to make that you will be able to make these sacrifice easily God being love will make it easy for you and God’s perfect love will make it a joy. 
 1) God let there be peace in this world. Let it being with me. 20 I will work hard to turn the heart of the fathers to the chidren and the disobedieant to the vision of the just to create a people to return to God (whole)
24 Ride a camel in the desert. (Completed 1998 - The Year of Jubilee) The Jubilee year is the year at the end of seven cycles of shmita (Sabbatical years), and according to Biblical regulations had a special impact on the ownership and management of land in the Land of Israel.
25 Get to know your neighbors. [Neighbors (only) Reception] Plan Holiday Cocktail Party
26 Plant a tree. ( Completed, 7 Kelly lane, NJ & 19504sw 135ct Miami, FL)  
27 Always take time to spend precious moments with FAMILY   
28 Write a fan letter to your all-time favorite hero/heroine working on it  (Hillary)  
29 Attend a special event at the White House in DC. July 26 &27, 2012. Minority Round Table The Minority Business RoundTable (MBRT), a registered non-profit corporation, is a national membership organization for CEOs of African-American-, Hispanic-American-, Asian-American-, and Native-American-owned top-tier businesses, representing a variety of trades and industries. Members hold positions equivalent to chief executive officer (CEO) or chairperson in their respective businesses. MBRT functions as the vehicle for its members to analyze and help formulate effective public policies that impact minority-owned businesses. 
30 Learn to line dance properly. Lessons scheduled for Oct. 2012 Schedule Classes
31 Learn to eat with chopsticks NYC London Complete One stick is held between the thumb and rest on the right finger. The other is held between the thumb and the base of the first two fingers. Practice bringing the sticks together, and enjoy dinner
32 Be the boss  Completed Mars Contractors & Brenda Hill LLC  
33 Fall deeply in love—helplessly and unconditionally.   (H.B. completed) The love we shared was (our love)…it was a past wrong that would give way for a future rite of passage on a journey laced with loneliness.
(God granted us his mercy)  Brenda always remember that love
William Butler Yeats
"True love is a discipline in which each divines the secret self of the other and refuses to believe in the mere daily self"
34 Visit Yellowstone park-NYC Yellowstone National Park is a national park located primarily in the U.S. state of Wyoming, although it also extends into Montana and Idaho. Yellowstone, widely held to be the first national park in the world, is known for its wildlife and its many geothermal features, especially Old Faithful Geyser, one of the most popular features in the park.
35 Write a Book. Business-do interviews that will help others understand your methods and process of running a business Bootstrap Business: How the entrepreneurial spirit has shaped business success. Learn what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur in these frank and content rich interviews
36 Write the novel you know you have inside you.         ( Amistad II, NYC)  
37 Machu Pichu Peru. August 2016 Machu Picchu is a pre-Columbian 15th-century Inca site located 2,430 metres above sea level. Machu Picchu is located in the Cusco Region of Peru, South America.
38 Create a living biography. (Completed) Brenda shares her relationship with God and how she became pregnant and gave birth to a vision of purpose. …the God within. The nine months are represented by the twenty-five years of experiences that were laces with mercy, grace and understanding. The three trimesters express the development of the mind, body and the spirit
39 Create products that personify your brand. (Completed)  
40 Be someone’s mentor. (Completed)  
41 Create a portfolio of your life’s accomplishments (Completed)  
42 Interview older family members & document the family. (Completed) I completed about 25 short interviews of family and friends
43 Learn to play a musical instrument with some degree of skill (NYC)  
44 Teach someone illiterate to read (NYC)  
45 Be chair of your family reunion. (http://anthonyivey.myevent.com) Thanksgiving 2012. Cruise to Bahamas
46 Have dinner with your favorite singer Dinner after the Show in puerto Rico with Freddie Jackson and Vanessa Bell Armstrong and husband Marcus.
47 Write down your personal mission statement, follow it, and revise it from time to time.  Completed  
48 See a lunar eclipse. Completed Marcus and the kids at the Planetarium
49  Spend New years in exotic location or NY. 2013 in NY  
50 Get passionate about a cause and spend time helping it, instead of just thinking about it.  Completed. The calling journey Helath is a hot topic these days. Good helath is priceless. This is your opportubity to learn what you need to know about health from the leadign experts in their fields.
52 Arctic plunge Antartica - We were inside a volcano
53 Have a Spa Party at home with precious friends  
54 Visit all 50 United States of America. Working on it.(33/50) Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, South Dakota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Iowa, Missouir, Minnessota, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Indiana, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine
55 Spend time with your favorite TV celebrity                                       Philip Micheal Thomas (Miami Vice - TV Series)  Miami Vice is an American television crime drama series starred Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas as James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs respectively, two Metro-Dade Police Department detectives working undercover in Miami.
56 Own one very expensive but absolutely wonderful business suite. Completed  
57 Write your will. Complete. Set up a Family Trust  
58 Host a TV Show From left to right: Cynthia W. Curry, President of the Empowerment Trust, Inc. and Ari Lynn Tunner, Deputy Chief of Staff and General Counsel from the Office of Mayor Penelas being interviewed by Brenda Riggins and Basil Bernard, hosts of GMCC's Black Business News & Views, a television series currently airing on CABLE TAP. , Channel 36.
59 Lay in the manger where Christ laid 2000yrs ago. Completed  
60 Learn how to complain effectively—and do it. Working on it.  
61 Visit the tallest bridge in the world. Millay France. Official name: Le Viaduc de Millau Crosses: Valley of the River Tarn Locale: Millau-Creissels, France Architect: Michel Virlogeux, Norman Foster  Design: Cable-stayed bridge Total length: 2460 m[1] Width: 32.05 m[1] Height: 343 m1] Clearance below: 270 m (890 ft.)[1] Construction begin: 16 October 2001[1] Construction cost: € 394,000,000[2] Opened:  16 December 2004 09:00[1] Inaugurated: 14 December 2001[1]  
62 Spend a whole day reading a great novel.  Charlotte's Web- completed  
63 Forgive those who need forgiveness.                            The Divorce 1991 Matthew 6:14-15
For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.  But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.
64 Neptune's Window (62°59′S 60°33′W62.983°S 60.55°WCoordinates: 62°59′S 60°33′W62.983°S 60.55°W) is a narrow gap between two rock pillars, situated close east of Whalers Bay on the southeast side of Deception Island, in the South Shetland Islands. So named by Lieutenant Commander D.N. Penfold, Royal Navy, following his survey of Deception Island in 1948-49, because weather and ice conditions in the approach to Neptunes Bellows could conveniently be observed from this gap.  
65 Stand on the equator.  Completed. 1990 Tanzania, Africa
66 Find a job you love. Vision Surrogate Completed!
67 Clinton  
68 "Overcome your fear of failure". (“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”) Nelson Mandela
69 Travel to the bottom of the world. Completed.Numinous- physical and spiritual connection to God. The convergence of Me- as with the ocean waters that converge in the channel I feel I am experiencing my own convergence. When the old me must say hello to the new the new and me me will say good-bye to the old me. There is no question as to which one  will rule. There is no longer a struggle between me, myself and I. All of me agree. My mind body and spirit is in sync with this moment.   The Antartica-Praying for peace                                 Salt Lake City-Praying for peace, Peru,                                   Australia-Praying for peace                             Miami-Praying for          peace
70 Donate money and put your name on something: a college scholarship, a bench in the park www.brendalhill.com "Live Life Purpose"
71 Build your own house and then spend time making it into a home 7,000 ft. 7 bedrooms. 7 Bathrooms
72 Grow a garden Completed 865 Hoglain RD Millville NJ  
73 Spend three months getting your body into optimum shape. In Process  
74 Own and drive a red convertible with the top down and the music blashing. Completed 2009  
75 Accept yourself for who you are  
76 Learn  to use a microphone and give a speech in public Completed (First speech) 1974 - Nine Grade - Running for President
77 Get baptized in the Jordan River…1998 The Jordan River is a 156 mi long river in West Asia flowing to the Dead Sea. Currently, the river serves as the eastern border of the State of Israel and of the Israeli-occupied Palestinian Territories. In Christian tradition, Jesus was baptized in it by John the Baptist. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan takes its name from this river.
78 Go up in  a hot-air balloon. Africa 1990  
79 Write a children's book to honor the Cristmas Story Paki: The donkey that witnessed christmas. The story is as old as history itself… the moral of  the story is we all have a special gift  or ability. 
80 Care for a rich women purse. Dream 12, 2007 - while in the Antartica. 9 month later I met Mary Harvey
81 Be able to handle: your tax forms, Jehovah’s Witnesses, your banker, telephone solicitors working on it.  
82 Give to a charity—anonymously  
83 Follow the road to the end of the Globe:
Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Follow the road to the end of U.S.A:
Key West, Florida
Tierra del Fuego is an archipelago off the southernmost tip of the South American mainland, across the Strait of Magella. 
Key West is the southernmost point in the United States
84 Travel with Friends to another continent. Hattie Nelson, Mary Hervey, B. Riggins  
85 Honor past legends  
86 Visit the two holiest places in the world: Jerusalem Holy Land & Mexico Shrine of Guadalupe  
87 Meet President Obama. NYC Barack Hussein Obama II (born August 4, 1961) is the 44th and current President of the United States. He is the first African American to hold the office.
88 Go deep sea fishing and eat your catch Completedwith Pastor Morgan  
89 Learn Life's Secrets from life Masters Lisa Nichols - featured in the shrot movie " The Secret"
90 Witness a pivotical moment (first Black president)
91 Travel back through time to the place of your linage (Sierra Leon)
92 Walk to the top of the Statue of Liberty. Height:  151 feet 1 inch (46 meters) Ground to torch: 305 feet 1 inch (93 meters), 364 Steps. Dedicated: October 28, 1886 Restored: 1938, 1984–1986, 2011–2012 (ongoing) Sculptor: Frédéric Auguste Barthold  
93 Create your family tree and put together a family reunion. 2005 Complete DNA Test. We are from Sierra Leon - The Mende Tribe
94 Ever year acknowledge a former or present teacher. October 2012 Basket sent to Myron L. Powel School. Cedarville, N.J.
95 Sail 7 seas  Completed What are the seven seas? To the ancients, "seven" often meant "many," and before the fifteenth century, the many seas of the world were: the Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Persian Gulf, the Black Sea, the Adriatic Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Indian Ocean.Today, the world ocean is generally divided into four main oceans: the Arctic Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean. In addition, there are numerous smaller seas and gulfs.
96 Visit the lowest point on earth. Completed I floated in the Dead Sea
97 Do a Safari Completed Mombasa - Kenya - Africa 1998
98 Visit 7 wonders of the world. (Visited 5/7 World Wounders and man-made wounders, which are Petra, Christ the Redeemer,  Chichen Itza, Colosseum, Eiffel Tower,
Taj Mahal, Great Pyramid of Giza, Machu Picchu.
 The 4 natural wounder are the Grand Canyon and the Victoria Falls, Niagara Falls, Pitch Lake.
99 Coach others to success No winner ever got there without a Coach. A Guide to personal & professional succes.The Nation's Top coaching experts share their knowledge and experience to help you win in life and business
100 Reflect on your greatest weakness, and realize how it is your greatest strength. Working on it