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Age: 49
Date of Birth: personal information will be conveyed with the attorneys, telephonically, if/when that information becomes necessary.

Relation: Daughter What type of relationship you had with our father (i.e. close, distant, adversarial, was only around for a short time?) The relationship between Dr. Valerie Hill-Jackson and Willie Hill can be described as admirably strong. Dr. Hill-Jackson had the full benefit and luxury of knowing her father throughout childhood and as a young woman when he passed away. While the family watched their father grapple with making ends meet, this often came with tension within the family. But it is worthy to note that such experiences are normal in every American family.

The greatest pain caused to the Dr. Hill-Jackson was watching her father wrestle with his cigarette addiction. To know Willie (Dad) was to imagine him with a cigarette dangling from his lips. Dr. Hill-Jackson mourns, “there was no sunlight between Daddy and his Salem cigarettes.”

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Doctor of Education: Interdisciplinary Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership
St. Joseph’s University: Philadelphia, PA 2003
Master of Arts: Conservation and Environmental Education
Rowan University: Glassboro, NJ 1999
Bachelor of Science: Biology and Environmental Studies
Rutgers University: New Brunswick, NJ 1994
Study Abroad: Environmental Science and Biology
Kingston University: London, England

2013 Fulbright Scholar: Traditional Core Award – Cardiff, University United Kingdom
2013 Upton Sinclair Award
2001-2002 AERA / Spencer Dissertation Fellowship
1997 Geraldine R. Dodge Outstanding New Teacher Fellowship

Culture, Community Studies and Service Learning
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Educational Institution Image Award – Edwards Ministerial Association (2016)
Aggies Commit to Transforming Lives Administrative Fellow (2015 )
The Project 2020 Community Service Recognition Award (2012)
Honorary Guest Coach for the Texas A & M University Women’s Basketball Team, (2011 )
NCAA Champs, at the McNeese U. Home Game 2011 National Society of Collegiate Scholars: Inspire Integrity Top 10 Finalist Recognition Award (2011)
Outstanding Panhellenic Professor Award (2010) 
Student Led Award in Teaching Excellence (SLATE) (2010)
State and Congressional Recognition for Service to Barnabas Outreach